Guest Information

Bag Drop

Please make your first stop the bag drop when you arrive to Fieldstone. The outside service coordinator will be happy to take your golf bag and point out the locker room.

The Locker Room

Please feel free to take advantage of our locker room facilities. The locker room manager can help you with a locker to store clothing and valuables. He is also available to shine shoes and provide you with snacks and beverages.


Dress code for the clubhouse: Upscale casual at all times. Blue jeans (no holes) and denim are considered appropriate attire for dining purposes, however; they will not be allowed on the golf course or any other location on the premises. If you elect to wear blue jeans or denim, it is the prerogative of the on-site dining manager to make the determination of the appropriateness of the attire.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones may be utilized in the locker room. Conversations should be brief and conducted in a low voice. Cell phone conversation should never take place in the bar or dining area and should only be utilized for emergencies on the golf course.

Golf Cart Rules

Only two persons and two sets of clubs are permitted per golf cart. If carts are allowed off paths, here are a few hints to help keep the golf course in excellent condition. All par 3’s will be cart path only, in addition to par 4’s, #7 and #11. When you do take the carts off the path we ask you to stay in the fairway. Again please ride in the fairway, not the rough. Please return to the path prior to cart signs posted approximately 40 yards from the green. Please do not cross into parallel fairways. Thank you for keeping the carts out of the rough and our golf course in great shape.


Players must keep pace with the group in front of them at all times. This will ensure a delay-free day on the course. Please play newly sodded areas as ground under repair. You will find divot mix in all the golf carts, if you need more please ask or outside service employees outside the golf shop. Complimentary ball mark repair tools are available in the golf shop. Please fix your ball marks and replace / fill divots.

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